PEAR MDB2 2.5.0a1 released

I just released a new alpha version of PEAR::MDB2. This release introduces full support for FOREIGN KEY constraints and a ton of fixes, have a look at the changelog of each driver for the details:

Request for Feedback

With each new release, I try to increase the test suite and run it against all the available DBMS, so I can say I'm pretty confident about the overall quality of the package. There are still a few bug reports and/or feature requests open, I'll address them before a stable release (of course, any kind of help to fix them faster is appreciated).
In the meanwhile, I'd really like to collect some feedback about the new features and about a couple of issues with old PHP versions:

  • first, I've removed a few references from "$a =& new class" assignments, so please tell me if the change indroduced any bug with PHP4;
  • second, a few people experienced a memory leak with nearly every array function that involves accessing the key values on PHP 5.1.x: if you're on such system, please add a comment to this bug report so I can add a workaround.

As usual, many thanks to all the contributors and bug reporters.

Have fun!

Lorenzo Alberton

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