Sybase SQL Anywhere Sybase SQL Anywhere is one of the leading enterprise RDBMS, offered in different editions suitable for a wide range of applications: Web development, OLAP, embedded/mobile applications.

Sybase I was asked to review the interoperability between SQL Anywhere and PHP, its visibility and attractiveness to PHP developers, and the quality of documentation and support. I created a full test suite for the new php_sqlanywhere native driver, submitted patches and comments, tested the product on different platforms (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux). I evaluated the documentation and the support options, as well as some of the most interesting features (Full-text search, Common Table Expressions, Window Functions, the external environment). The result of the analysis was written into a report, which might be openly released as a white paper in the near future.

Lorenzo Alberton

Lorenzo Alberton Lorenzo PHP5 ZCE - Zend Certified Engineer has been working with large enterprise UK companies for the past years and is now CTO at DataSift. He's an international conference speaker and a long-time contributor to many open source projects. Lorenzo Alberton's profile on LinkedIN View Lorenzo Alberton's Twitter stream

Lorenzo Alberton - Sun Certified MySQL 5 Developer


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