LinkedIn Engagement Insights

LinkedIn Engagement Insights PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights enables companies to discover what professionals are reading, sharing, and saying about products, industries, brands, and news on the world’s largest professional network.

LinkedIn Engagement Insights At DataSift, we developed PYLON, an analytics platform that lets marketers around the world access LinkedIn data to help them improve engagement with their content and deliver positive ROI on LinkedIn. Built in a way that respects member’s privacy, LinkedIn Engagement Insights helps marketers make more informed creative and targeting decisions so they can be more successful on LinkedIn.
I supervised the technical and security due diligence with LinkedIn, and helped design and implement the privacy-by-design, advanced analytics platform.
Deployed within LinkedIn's own data centre, our platform passed all the extensive security checks of one of the world's best security teams, and the functional requirements of the most demanding Agencies in the world (WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, Dentsu etc). Used for many content and demographic analysis projects for media planning, monitoring and creative planning, our platform also powers one of LinedIn's own internal sales tools.

Lorenzo Alberton

Lorenzo Alberton Lorenzo has been working with large enterprise UK companies for the past 10+ years and is currently CTO at DataSift. He's an international conference speaker and a long-time contributor to many open source projects. Lorenzo Alberton's profile on GitHub Lorenzo Alberton's profile on LinkedIN View Lorenzo Alberton's profile on PHP PEAR
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