Firebird 2 cheat sheet

Since I couldn't find a Firebird SQL cheat sheet, I wrote one, listing useful information about the upcoming Firebird 2 external link such as its data types, its internal and UDF functions, and the php ibase functions.

Update 08-11-2006: thanks to Carlos H. Cantu and Ivan Prenosil for their suggestions. I have updated the cheat sheet accordingly.

A detailed description of the cheat sheets follows, and you can start downloading them here:

Firebird SQL Cheat Sheet - Details

Firebird SQL cheat sheet - Data types The cheat sheet is organized in 5 sections. The first section contains a list of the available data types, their description and the range of values that each of them supports.

Firebird SQL cheat sheet - Internal functions The second section contains a list of the Internal functions. The ones listed here are the Firebird 2 built-in functions; they're grouped by field of interest (aggregate, conditional, string functions).

Firebird SQL cheat sheet - Default UDF functions The third section contains a list of the Default UDF functions. Firebird bundles an UDF library with some useful functions not included in the core. These functions are listed here, grouped by field of interest (mathematical and string functions).

Firebird SQL cheat sheet - Useful queries The forth section contains some useful queries, like the most useful queries to manage TRANSACTIONs, SAVEPOINTs, SEQUENCEs, a sample query with a "LIMIT / OFFSET" clause, and some queries against the System Tables to retrieve a list of the tables, fields, indices and constraints.

Firebird SQL cheat sheet - PHP functions The last section holds a list of the PHP ibase_* functions external link. PHP has a Firebird/Interbase module and this is used by PHP developers to connect to, and query, a Firebird database. This section lists the functions available in PHP for connecting to and managing a Firebird database.


If you wish to link to the Firebird SQL cheat sheet from elsewhere, rather than linking directly to the sheet please link to this page so others can find the description. Thank you.

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This is one of the most incredible blogs Ive read in a very long time. The amount of information in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject. Your blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. Great stuff; please keep it up!

Hi Lorenzo,
just a short inquiry: How can I get the other 4 Pages? The Downloads lead to just one page...
Best regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel, it's just one page, with 5 different sections (which I highlighted in yellow in the description above)

Ah.. okay. So I didn't miss anything. Thanks Lorenzo, nice work.

Ahh, Awesome Lorenzo for cheat sheet.Good Job. Thanks.

Firebird SQL cheat sheet is really the best way to handle it.

Thanks for cheat sheet info..

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