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Profiling PHP applications with XHProf: the path to scalability

Abstract: My latest article on Profiling using XHProf, a neat tool developed at Facebook. A step-by-step tutorial to install and use XHProf, and some useful hints on how to improve performances and scalability of your PHP application.

This morning my latest article, on how to use XHProf effectively, has been published on the Ibuildings TechPortal. If you need to optimise your PHP application and improve its performance and scalability, you might find it interesting.
Read the full article here: Profiling PHP applications with XHProf.

3 responses to "Profiling PHP applications with XHProf: the path to scalability"

Robin, 02 December 2009 19:50

How amusing to see "PHP" and "the path to scalability" mentioned in a single title ^^) If you want to scale, better don't dig yourself deeper into the world of PHP.

devsmt, 11 June 2010 09:30

Lorenzo, ho scoperto oggi il tuo blog e il framework seagull, e li trovo entrambe di qualità notevole, volevo ringraziarti per il lavoro e l'impegno che condividi con noi, alcune informazioni che ho trovato spiegate in modo "affrontabile" solo sul tuo blog, mi hanno tolto delle belle _patate bollenti_. sei un grande, complimenti.

Michael Triplett, 24 June 2011 13:31

Using XHProf can be difficult. thank you for the effective advice.

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