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Catching up - July 2007

Abstract: Zürich, PEAR updates and MDB2 Oracle development

Either I'm getting old, or I've been working way too much in the past two months, since I'm feeling a bit worn off. Phew. Hopefully I'll get some rest in a month, I really need a break.
Anyway, on the 2nd week of July I had a wonderful chance to visit Zürich, and finally meet Harry and all the smart people in his team (thanks for inviting me!). I also met Lukas in person for the first time. It's really incredible how you can work with someone for years without ever seeing each other...


Apart from the lack of time, I haven't been much active on the pear-general and pear-dev mailing lists either, because they suddenly failed to reach my inbox (and apparently there's no way to subscribe again). If you posted a question regarding one of my packages and didn't get an answer, please send me a mail.
I quickly scanned the online archives, and saw a lot of discussions going on about the PEAR future. I'm sure there's a lot of interesting stuff there, maybe someone can post a brief wrap-up?

New PEAR packages

Along with the other emails, I've also missed a few interesting package proposals, like File_Fortune and I18N_UnicodeNormalizer, I'm glad they made it into PEAR, and I'm sure other nice ones will follow soon.
I was also hoping to have a first draft of PEAR::Mail_Queue2 ready by now, but spare time must be a rare commodity for anyone, nowadays (@Benoit: if you read this post, please drop me a mail).
Uh, and I'm particulary happy about Christian's efforts of a better QA infrastructure for PEAR. Good job!


PEAR::MDB2 developement is progressing with the usual bug-fixing activity. A special "thank you" to Charles Woodcock and Hugh Dixon for their help with the Oracle driver, execute() now supports bind I/O parameters, and the driver uses prepared queries in many places: the Reverse module should be considerably faster. I still need to have a look at buffered reads and LOBs, and it will be ready for a new release.


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