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PEAR MDB2 2.4.0 released

Abstract: A new stable release of MDB2 is out. Enjoy!

After four months of active developement since the last release, I'm proud to announce the new PEAR::MDB2 v.2.4.0. The list of updates is huge, especially in the drivers. Here's the changelog of each one:

I've personally tested most drivers (Firebird SQL, MySQL, MySQLi, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite) and made sure that everyone of them is in good shape. The MDB2 test suite was extended to cover (almost) all the public and private methods, also the ones in the Manager and Reverse modules that aren't "standard features" across all the DBMS, like TRIGGERs, VIEWs and FUNCTIONs.

The Manager and Reverse modules of all the drivers sport a load of new features, just browse the API docs and the official documentation (yes, it was improved/extended as well) for the details. I put a lot of effort in these modules, I hope they're useful. I would like to gather some comments about the new methods to retrieve the TRIGGER and FUNCTION definitions, please let me know if you like them and/or what you would change.

A special "thank you" goes to Andrew Hill and Monique Szpak for contributing some ideas/patches and a lot of new test cases, to Lukas for his advices and to all the other developers and contributors.

Have fun!

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