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PEAR MDB2 2.4.1 released

Abstract: A new stable release of MDB2 is out. Enjoy!

I just released a new minor version of PEAR::MDB2. Now DECIMAL and NUMERIC data types are first-class citizens just like the others: you can specify (and retrieve) both the precision and the scale values on a per-field basis, so you don't have to resort to the 'decimal_places' option which is global to all the fields. A similar fix is included in MDB2_Schema already, so you can use something like this in your XML schema definition:


The MDB2 v.2.4.1 release also features a number of important fixes (including a patch for a regression bug in MySQL and MySQLi transaction support, and a patch for a memory leak in the prepare/execute statements), so I warmly recommend you to upgrade.



Thanks to a nice feature of the PEAR installer, since MDB2 v.2.4.0 you can install/upgrade the drivers in this simple way:

$ pear install MDB2#mysql
$ pear upgrade MDB2#pgsql

How nice is that?

As usual, many thanks to all the contributors and bug reporters.

Have fun!

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